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  1. domdom

    Let's help Windice

    add sports betting please
  2. domdom


    Hi Angelic, my strategy is really simple, goto dice, use the default setting of 50% chance, bet left or right, increase your bet every lose till you win or lose it all lol
  3. domdom

    All gamblers should know...

    sun cost often happens to me when I use a 50% chance, my mind keep telling me "1 more bet you'll recover all" and betting becomes bigger and bigger until there is no more balance to play lol
  4. domdom

    I Won a total of 0.00689261 BTC just playing the weekly hunt in Windice

    barely saw you in chat, never thought you were hiding in forums and doing a lot of spam here lol Congratulations on winning weekly contest
  5. domdom

    How to easy earn in 10 lists.

    There's still something i don't know about windice like point 4. Thanks for sharing
  6. domdom

    Anonnep trivia :) ?

    here are my comments 1. he force me to comment on this thread 2. hard to win his trivia, why should I join it ? lol 3. .... and... can't think it clearly right now, i'll added it later overall so so crazy, and still I got some coins from playing your trivia. keep it up!
  7. domdom

    How do you find mod Nep's Trivia?

    what trivia? Nep trivia? Never hear it before. I must be new lol ... So far so crazy, I like it, keep going mod
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    Closed [0.02BTC]Weekly Challenge: Hallowin Day!

    N #strgz0nb47zq I #zjm47dib35ou W #5omnsk8gp46w
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    Happy November!!

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    For new mamber

    nice share bro
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    Addiction and gambling. What makes you a loser?

    nice meyzee
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    Closed [0.02BTC]Weekly Challenge: Hallowin Day!

    I only have 2 post lol
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    Hi Friends

    Hi Mugiwara, welcome to windice :)