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    Windice Now an Before

    windice is good but still there is need of improvement to get more users.
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    Computer or Mobile Phone ?

    compute is preferred, but sometimes using on mobile.
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    WinDice - Advance Dicing Website

    Hey guys, I m New here on Windice. But feeling really great here because i never use dice game like ever before. Windice is totally advance in dice games in all aspect..
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    Invalid confirmation code.

    U need to type ur mail in small letters.
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    Is changing SEED advisable?

    Changing seed never give u good fortune. i don't think that work.
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    how hard to follow the rules in win dice without reading it

    What kind of rules u r talking about??
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    Why is Windice getting Bored?

    I even agree that Dice is really much advance compare to other website. But crash is like dice game only here in Windice... Crash game is need to be like game where we can cashout before crash not like this...
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    Its affect our gambling when coin price fluctuate...