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    Why? Windice guys?

    Me too 😊
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    Why? Windice guys?

    Congratulations for your big wins
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    Thanks for sharing 😊
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    What is slots games?

    A slot machine is a gambling games with spinning reels.Those reels have symbols on them, which land randomly after you place a bet and spin the reels. If these symbols line up, you win prizes based on which symbols fall on that payline. Again LOSING is part of the game. Better to play you...
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    Thank you for sharing 😊
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    What do you say about this comment

    From weekly contest..
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    Malala Yousafzai said

    You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream» © Malala #Yousafzai 🙏 Try #Windice #blockchain #casino, if your goal is to enjoy #gambling and multiply your #crypto. 🤳 Play our #dice, #crash, #roulette, and #slots with provably fair. 👍🏻
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    Top 2 Legendary poster of the month (march)😱

    Meyzee. Have you ever won the jackpot? Well unlike other players I am not lucky enough to take home the jackpot. Within 3 months for this year windice already give away 6 jackpots into different members. Though looking at the reward it wasn't that much, but what are the odds right? If you...
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    Well done hunters congratulations 🎉
  10. Angelic9

    Why? Windice guys?

    I forgot windice have team vs team roll hunt event it's very fun to play. And see the team work of by group. Guess what any coins are acceptable... I'm happy to play team vs team. Next week again ☺️
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    What are your favorite Slots and Why?

    I really don't understand slots games and how it's to win I really don't know.
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    Me...Congratulations I give you 1 BTC.🎉 My friend.... Really thank you very much. Me... APRIL...

    Me...Congratulations I give you 1 BTC.🎉 My friend.... Really thank you very much. Me... APRIL FOOL'S 🤣😂🤣😂 MY friend..... I hate you 😭 Hahahahahahaha.. happy April fool's
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    Think before you click guys🤔🤳

    Play smart 😉
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    April fool's day ✌️

    April Fools’ Day on April 1 is a day where many of us unleash our most creative sides, all in a hilarious – sometimes over the top – attempt at bamboozling those around us. Why do we do this, and where did it start? Well there surprisingly isn’t a concrete conclusion by historians. We’ll...
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    Why? Windice guys?

    Windice have coins BTC ETH BCH BNB LTC XRP DOGE all this coin is on the rain. Stay active on chat to get rain 🌧️
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    You never lost on this 👍

    Best wishes to you my friend good luck
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    Tips for BTC and ETH user low withdrawal fee

    Thank you for your comment 😌