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  1. Satoshi4ever


    I've been searching all over the internet for every dice game and strategy. Luck plays a huge role as well as math. You don't need skill if you set to auto with a good math probability of Chance % and wager. Just need a good auto Strategy and hope to luck and also hope to not get too greedy :)
  2. Satoshi4ever

    Ideas and Suggestions for Giveaways

    For every conclusion of a Wager Pool Game, about 15% must go towards the next Wager Pool Game and about 85% must go toward the winners. When the next new Wager Pool Game starts there must Already be an winning pool to entice Players to wager. The main goal is to Attract players to wager...
  3. Satoshi4ever

    Ideas and Suggestions for Giveaways

    The very best way is to make Windice an Exchange Hub and create tokens or coins...the Wincoin. A Wincoin will help facilitate Exchange by allowing players to gather Wincoins from the faucet and from deposit of their crypto currency for a universal exchange. Each Wincoin should maybe be worth...
  4. Satoshi4ever

    Ideas and Suggestions for Giveaways

    The best way to make players really love this site is to make it more player friendly...TEAM COLOR is a great idea and there are many other ideas that should be thought about and improved upon. People love to wager...they love to win. Players actually love to compete and wager against each...
  5. Satoshi4ever

    RED TEAM [Week 1]

    DAY 4 I Join Red Team Red Team GO!!!! "Red 5 Standing By"
  6. Satoshi4ever

    NBA 2019

    Toronto Raptors :) RAWR
  7. Satoshi4ever

    YELLOW TEAM [Week 1]

    For Day 3 I Choose Team Yellow Go TEAM YELLOW!!!
  8. Satoshi4ever

    YELLOW TEAM [Week 1]

    Just type I join Yellow Team Every day a Team will be chosen and all the players of the winning team share in a coin Prize. You can change Teams after the Winning Color team is announced You can only choose one team per day so the best strategy is to pick a team with the least players so you...
  9. Satoshi4ever

    YELLOW TEAM [Week 1]

    I Choose Yellow Team DAY 2 Goooooo TEAM YELLOW
  10. Satoshi4ever

    Newbies Corner

    I started three days ago but I have learned a lot. If you're a Dice Master, please help me learn this game because i want to be great Dice Master one day :)
  11. Satoshi4ever

    Before you speak T.H.I.N.K

    Think before you Type Is it Tasteful? if untasteful don't type Is it Helpful? If unhelpful don't type Is it Idiotic? If idiotic don't type Is it necessary? If unnecessary don't type Is it knowledgeable? If unknowledgeable don't ever type :/
  12. Satoshi4ever

    Celicy's story

    I can understand because it is the desire and wish to make a successful gamble that will help solve all the financial problems that make people to do reckless decisions. Usually ends up making the problem worse. Have to learn from experience the hard way but it does make a person want to work...
  13. Satoshi4ever

    How did you discover WINDICE?

    Working for company promotion and link carried me to windice
  14. Satoshi4ever


    Many people have written about strategy for games in casino. Windice requires a combination of mathematics, skill and luck. You need math but you also need excellent skill to know when to change Chance % and bet wager when scaling bets. Windice really does requires good experience on when to...
  15. Satoshi4ever

    Any question regarding the site

    Guys, multiple accounts is really unfair. Right now we are choosing Color Teams and I picked Blue Team but if people with multiple accounts flood the board, I would have to share the prize with that many multiple account players. I know that multiple account players will try to game the system...
  16. Satoshi4ever

    Any question regarding the site

    Looking forward to the success of Windice and the use of many more cryptocurrencies. An Exchange Hub and Gambling are great combinations especially when you have the current global economy system slowing and getting worse...
  17. Satoshi4ever

    BLUE TEAM [Week 1]

    wow...this is going to be quite an experience trying to understand each other :( but it's only for a day :)
  18. Satoshi4ever

    Why are there so few topics on the forum?

    More people will join in and activity will increase across the board. Give it a little more time :) If this site becomes an Exchange Hub combined with Gambling/Wagering, will have an increase of players :) move over BTC, the WINCOIN is coming WNC :)
  19. Satoshi4ever

    Global Financial Collapse of 2019

    The 2008 Global Financial Meltdown was precipitated by the collapse of the Banks The 2019 Global Financial Collapse will be precipitated by the collapse of Banks...
  20. Satoshi4ever

    The sad moment of my Gambling life!!

    Sometimes you have to learn the hard way and hope things turn out okay...I gambled and lost over $12,000 deposited in a short time. Painful but a very good teacher on what not to do. Life really is about learning from mistakes and experience :)