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  1. LizC864

    Closed Card Giveaway [Daily]

    10 10 hearts
  2. LizC864

    Bets calculator to help bettors who love strategies.

    Love it, thanks for sharing!
  3. LizC864

    our musical tastes

    70s, 80s, 90s country, classic rock, & today's hits.
  4. LizC864

    Need Add More coins

    Oooh yes, more coin choices please!
  5. LizC864

    New Telegram channel WINDICE

    Just joined, thanks!
  6. LizC864

    More options for bet range numbers needed (manual mode)

    I ran into the same issue, thank you for bringing this up!
  7. LizC864

    When did you start in crypto and why

    My husband started YEARS ago & had ant miners all over our garage. I didn't know anything about it & wasn't interested at all. I don't remember how or why I suddenly got interested, but it was after the ant miners. I spent a small fortune on hardware & finally have a 1080 graphics card &...
  8. LizC864


    Congrats to the winners! You're all 1 step closer to your new Lambo. :D
  9. LizC864

    New What exactly did you like on the site?

    Something about the look of the site made me actually click on a flashing ad on a site. I never do that, but I'm glad I did this time because the combination of the mods, the people, the generous rains, & the look & feel of the betting made this one an instant keeper. I have this site open in a...
  10. LizC864

    Your real photo

  11. LizC864


    I think it's pretty high, tbh.