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    East or West!!!!!!!Windice is The Best!!!!!!

    One of the best site, just join and Enjoy friend!!!!!!!!!!
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    Value of XRP at Crypto World!!!!!

    Respected all members, i want to discuss about the recent market value of XRP, Every one knows, today is row of decentralization, therefore, XRP is the most valuable coin of today's crypto market, if we check graph, we can seen the up and down the coins value but, one thing is clear, XRP would...
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    Which coin? do you want to see in windice!!!!! Xlm or Xrp?

    Really it is one of the beat site!!!!! so as an windice member, i want to see, add Xlm or Xrp. so which coin? you want to see next frndzzz!!!! Which side are you on!!!!!!!
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    Revolution at coin market

    Trying to focus at cryptos,,,,chances to inhence💐💐
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    Need Add More coins

    hi, admin, my humble request is please trying to add more coins, like usdt, zec and bch.
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    Closed abot emojis

    hae admin, i want to some improvment in emojis,,which is not wroking well at laptop. kindly do something for this.