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  1. TarjaPreta

    Predict Exact Goal And Win :)

    Tunisia - 1 France - 2
  2. TarjaPreta

    This is a scam, Attention !

    Today the competition between casinos is large, and scammers are taking advantage of this to try to apply several different types of scam, the main one is called "fishing" where he captures data and password that the player provides to hack his accounts. There is a scammer passing through the...
  3. TarjaPreta

    Why "the house always wins"?

    I'm not going to talk in this article about technical aspects, but about behavior that leads to continuous losses of players. I will cite an example: I deposit 200 dogecoins but I lose everything, as my mentality is to try to recover so I deposit 200 + a little and play in the anxiety of...
  4. TarjaPreta

    New How to Chat Constructively: STOP asking 'How Are You?'

    90% of the messages in casino chats will be exchanges of "good luck" between players... to stay in the rain system, real interactions will be few, or done by private
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    Time to Buy or Time to Sell

    very good your market vision
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    Time to Buy or Time to Sell

    good advice friend, those who follow cryptos for years have seen this cycle of ups and downs always happen.
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    Time to Buy or Time to Sell

    Bitcoin has always been the boss, the driver of cryptocurrencies, if it goes up, its price becomes less accessible and altcoins are more acquired and also rise in value. low too (except for stable coins)... The basic idea of Trade is to buy at low value and sell at high value to collect...
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    Earn 100 Wincoin by Sending a Song

    Every day in English chat, from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm (UTC TIME) the moderator KryaKrya is active to receive music from players and pays 100 wincoins... Follow the instructions and watch this print to understand: 1- Go to Youtube choose your favorite music, copy the...
  9. TarjaPreta

    Ganhe 100 Wincoins Enviando Musica

    Todos os dias no chat ingles , das 13h as 17 hr ( horario de Brasilia ) o moderador KryaKrya fica ativo para receber musicas dos jogadores e paga 100 wincoins ... Siga as instruçoes e observe este print para entender: 1- Va ate o Youtube escolha a sua musica de...
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    Raaam Pam Pam )
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    How to deal with a Big Loss

    its bad dear , but lets go start over to 0 again , new game news profits new lucky for you :)
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    How to deal with a Big Loss

    The gambler's life is like a roller coaster, winning, losing, starting over... But sometimes we suffer big losses that make us feel bad both for value and emotionally. At this moment not even words of support will help , only with time and our mindset to alleviate this , it is important that you...
  13. TarjaPreta

    tactical x psychological

    in the casinos there are many intelligent , meticulous and good strategists , they manage to transform rains into withdrawals , but most players fail not because they play badly , but because of lack of psychological , emotional balance ... This lack of control generally does not happen only in...