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    Closed Daily Giveaway ! Updated.

    Hope there is more things to do here so that players will not be bored. I will wait for more contest/activities to come. More power to you windice!!
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    Closed Daily Giveaway ! Updated.

    This is good. Players will enjoy more in sharing their opinions.
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    Any question regarding the site

    In chat rule offense we should see the corresponding penalty for first time offense, third time or soon to be aware not to make this mistakes
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    Closed Muted

    Why does my first offense is 7days muted? Just got chat a site link but it was not intentional also i'm not promoting it and i know it was my fault but 7days muted is too much for a 1st mistake i committed. Hope it is 1day or 3days muted only since first offense should be serve as a warning. To...