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  1. iamSexyPanda

    The downside of Small PO

    Many of us want to beat the house edge and win even with small profit. So we are trying our best to reduce odds of losing and somehow increase our chances of winning. I know a lot of you there are taking chances on low PO because of low the low risk it provide, but think twice. (1) On low PO...
  2. iamSexyPanda

    The Best of Martingale

    Are you familiar with Martingale? I'm sure majority of you guys will say YES and few will say what the heck is Martingale? Well, for the sake of newbies -Martingale is a betting strategy when you double (increase) your bet when you lose so that the first win you get will recover all your...
  3. iamSexyPanda


    Luck is the phenomenon that defines the experience of notably positive, negative, or improbable events. I've been thinking about gambling lately and the idea of luck always cross my brain. (Lol if I do have one) Is there really luck in gambling or its just pure strategy and good play...
  4. iamSexyPanda

    Basics :)

    If you are a newbie you should know some basics. Always remember that: WINDICE is a BETTING SITE (gambling) which means when you win congratulations!, but if you don't, whine for a moment then play again (trust me its normal). It has been almost 4 weeks since i signed up to the site and my...
  5. iamSexyPanda

    What is the best betting strategy you had so far?

    There are times when the amount we bet is more important than what we betting on. So, I want to know what is the best you had so far that brought you to your goal? Suggestions are highly appreciated
  6. iamSexyPanda

    Newbies Corner

    Hello guys :) It is really nice to have newbies corner when you are new to the site ^^V Here we can discuss things especially the basics here.