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  1. Maudruga

    Suggestion (All in)

    I was seeing in some different DICE, that when you press the max bet [MAX] button, the system asks if you really want to play everything. So that an accident does not happen to someone involuntarily squeeze and lose all their balance. Exemple:
  2. Maudruga

    Project-X (NANOX)

    Maybe many people do not know each other, but this coin is too expensive! Does anyone think it will go up more than $ 23,847.07 USD ? is already a very high value! 1 Project-X (NANOX) is the equivalent of 4.29882501 BTC !
  3. Maudruga

    DOGE could reach 1 USD ?

    If XRP can reach $ 3 or $ 5 why does DOGE not?