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  1. Lbitcoin

    The faucet is to low

    Your lucky to have 3 rolls with faucet at level 30 not great
  2. Lbitcoin

    looking for ways to build a cloud

    Nodes hosting ideas - Community and Events - Celo Forum hope it helps
  3. Lbitcoin

    Affiliate stats

    Well I tried
  4. Lbitcoin

    Chat has good options needs a few more

    I would like a sniper race at random times highest wager / profit wins
  5. Lbitcoin

    Never been for me

    If you don't follow sports religiously it harder than it looks.
  6. Lbitcoin

    How does the bank work

    If I deposits 0.1 btc do I get interest
  7. Lbitcoin

    Faucets could be higher for 5 star

    I would wager more the get a better 5 star rating for Faucets
  8. Lbitcoin

    Proof of stake coins

    Would anyone be interested in investment pos coins to be added. If so you could do wallets that stake for us here so we have a side income for bets, but most are crap coins unfortunately.
  9. Lbitcoin

    Who like to see lotto

    Things like scratch tickets can be done like a touch the area's see if you win. Pull ticket both for instant lottery and a daily and weekly draw for progressives. Raining the daily and weekly draw tickets would be great fun too.
  10. Lbitcoin

    Great time at windice

    I have always recieved instant payout from my account and had a fun fair experience thanks for the site and service
  11. Lbitcoin

    A simple slot,machine would rock

    I would love to see a simple slot build for the site
  12. Lbitcoin

    Profit sharing

    I would be interested in seeing profit sharing for those willing to pay a monthly fee to be a part it.
  13. Lbitcoin

    Can you add pos coins so we can vault them or stake them for more coin

    If they add pos coins the wallets could be used for staking and building interest. The only problem is not to sure which coins would be worth staking and there would have to be a percentage of the staking to the site for the wallet storage.
  14. Lbitcoin

    I hit 7777 no jackpot

    hpcqf1fsxy3w here is my bet
  15. Lbitcoin

    Would you pay for a membership here

    If there was a membership for more and higher paying faucet would you be interested.
  16. Lbitcoin

    Best altcoin exchanges

    My personal favorite is with a ton of options to buy and make trading simple. What sites do you use and why?
  17. Lbitcoin

    When did you start in crypto and why

    I started about 4 years ago first I was a GPU miner for doge after that I was a cloud miner which I will say did not work out for me. The only way I been able to stay in crypto is the affiliate_profiles offered by must crypto companies must of they gambling sites. I would like to know when...
  18. Lbitcoin

    This is a fantastic site

    I really like the in and out instead of high and low also moving the slider makes the odds better for the players I think. I also find it easy to attract people to the site because they have a lot of fun. The banners are great and professional. Fun contests and great chat.
  19. Lbitcoin

    Is mining dead for altcoin as well Here are the best machines for mining but nnon of them make profit is there altcoin you can mine to get the value of the product back or is mining dead for altcoin too.
  20. Lbitcoin

    Affiliate contest

    I really would like there to be an affiliate contest in the near future 🔮. Let me know if you want it too