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  1. GlocknessMonster

    Referrals and chat ban

    So here is why this is shady and don’t pay out correctly on referrals. They say that I have had only .22 cents in turnover yet turnover on doge alone over $170 dollars (56000) not included other coin. Then I post this screen shot of my affiliate and get chat banned for a day. So keep it up! This...
  2. GlocknessMonster

    Project Mother's Day

    So yeah if you like me need to kiss up a bit for rolling too much. So in order to get out of the dog house am going to give you an easy recipe to make that mom, wife grandmother etc of yours smile. This recipe of mine got even the approval of the show Martha And Snoop Dogg. List of stuff you...
  3. GlocknessMonster


    Real good mods here. I get chat ban for a day. still dont know why yet mods sit there and can say whatever they like. Way to encourage play and Moderate. Last II knew a Moderator was neutral on opinion and looked at situations with out prejudice. I could be wrong but if this is how your mods...
  4. GlocknessMonster


    So the reward system for referrals here is absolutely dumb. For me to get paid on my referrals they have to lose. Not even casinos have it set that way. All but here have set based on game play. Why would I want to bank on others loss. I refuse to encourage my referrals to deposit knowing that...