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  1. LemaKrone

    Summer ======

    We have just finished the summer, I am opening this thread to comment on our sensations and experiences lived in summer, I am going to start it myself, I have made several trips with friends, always looking for the best beaches to be able to dive and do underwater fishing.
  2. LemaKrone


    I show you one of my strategies, it works very well for me. Enjoy
  3. LemaKrone


    How time we need for news challenger forum? Please respect timming
  4. LemaKrone

    Let's help Windice

    ✍️This Thread is to help the Windice community, contributing new projects, games, new coins, etc etc...✍️ * A good contribution could be to implement the game of Keno in the casino, with 3 types of difficulties, I would put it in the games of the casino itself. Keno is a good game and can grow...
  5. LemaKrone

    Winning Strategies

    I want to open this Thread to publish our winning strategies and help each other Crash 🚀 . I like in the crash game to bet min bet and have a payout of 99X .I set 50 automatic bets .I start increasing the base bet by 3% until I have the green bet I hope and wish that this Thread will be...
  6. LemaKrone


    why the weekly challengers of the forum are not well controlled, the end time etcetc .....
  7. LemaKrone

    Our strategies for crash¡¡¡

    Hello guys¡ this thread is for post the strategic¡ For example, if I want to make a profit, I usually use a 1.01 payout and increase in losses 1000X (it depends on the amount to spend) (y)🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
  8. LemaKrone

    Goodbye to this year!

    🎄The first thing is to congratulate Christmas to all our friends! 🎄 Happy Chrismas❄️☃️🎄🥳🥳 I want to end this year by thanking the Windice family for all this time given.Thank you for having met so many good people, from so many different places, you are great! Many hours spent with friends...
  9. LemaKrone

    Improvement for Betting History

    We need to be able to have a betting search engine, for example to be able to filter our bets by coins, by date, or by markers, it would be interesting to implement this option in the Betting History, because it is not very functional to search for a bet page by page, it may take life. It is my...
  10. LemaKrone

    WHY if this guy is JOKER ban me?¿??? please BAN for ever this guy, NOT ME
  11. LemaKrone