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  1. CharorowtzXD


    20x-26x on dice vsku3f64jyil 30x-36x on dice dfxw828b343y 77x on crash 59nxj2aslsf0 111x on crash xt99vzpqmuxf 144x on crash ak44h1ah5hpj 299x on crash alj0ags071ib
  2. CharorowtzXD

    Owmeghed 😁🀭

    Owmeghed 😁🀭
  3. CharorowtzXD

    Windice forum

    Sorry cnt understnd you english please TY 😁
  4. CharorowtzXD

    What is your favorite Windice events

    Oh i forgot. I also check if how many players already completed the challenge. If, the end date is near and only few completed it i join. If a lot already completed it, i dnt. But again it depends 😁
  5. CharorowtzXD

    Hi din po

    Hi din po
  6. CharorowtzXD

    I keep coming back.

    Hahahaha guess my age isnt too old enough then πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
  7. CharorowtzXD

    Windice forum

    You too chaddy take good luck always. Take care everyday my friend. 😊😊😊
  8. CharorowtzXD

    Windice forum

    The weeks forum was down many players got sad and feeling so lifeless. When it became available again a lot rejoiced and so lively again. It only goes to show that its not only the Windice game page players come to visit everyday but this forum as well. Undeniably, almost everyone missed and...
  9. CharorowtzXD

    WE BACK!

    Yeah challenge now moved forward finally its now a dice and crash hunt, come chaddy join us. 😊
  10. CharorowtzXD

    I keep coming back.

    The good customer service, ehe. And the crazy, fun yet knowledgeable trivias πŸ˜† Also the weekly forum and tlegam challenge theyre cool and they're one of my reasons for coming back. Im able to withdraw many times now and gain nice amounts of crypto in binance because of those challenges. Plus...
  11. CharorowtzXD

    Cool way to increase stars and level

    Thanks guys for sharing your thoughts and opinion. Appreciate your comments 😊
  12. CharorowtzXD

    Cool way to increase stars and level

    Hmmmm well you also got a point there. Playing under lower risk and rows means lower and longer chances of draining funds. Hahaha! Well like what I already said it still depends on the player what multiplier he will choose besides its his game and its his funds. As for the game well yeah not...
  13. CharorowtzXD

    Finally it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve hit 1000x Plinko

    Cool congrats on hitting that very high payout. Others as I've heard already spent months playing plinko trying to hit 1000x but luck seemed too bitter for them. You're one lucky player that day sir. Thumbs up
  14. CharorowtzXD

    What is your favorite Windice events

    Yeah it is but for me, I check if it's worth trying depending on the game and multipliers required for the challenge. Usually if its DICE and multiplier looks hard for me to hit, i dont join the challenge. But if the challenge is CRASH i'd go for it 85-95% 😁. Go go sir challenges are fun to try...
  15. CharorowtzXD

    The Windice 7777 Jackpot

    Hmmmm you're welcome sir 😊. Me too havnt hit it too. Or maybe already had jst cnt rmember haha because sometimes these numbers would get hit only when were no longer interested to hit them. But when we are on the mood to hit them they will never get hit no matter how long we be rolling...
  16. CharorowtzXD

    Cool way to increase stars and level

    Well it depends on the player what row he likes to choose and what risk he would go for. I just gave the suggestion a friend told me and what I shared here is just based on what I experienced while hunting the 130x for the previous for challenge. 😁 I havent even continued doing that strategy...
  17. CharorowtzXD

    Cool way to increase stars and level

    Haha have no high risk appetite jst tried if i can hit atleast 130x in plinko for forum challenge. I even cursed many times that night while seeing my balances slowly turning into eggs. Lucky that 1000x gave me chance to finlly hit him πŸ˜†
  18. CharorowtzXD

    Cool way to increase stars and level

    Yeah the lost amounts just to hit those multipliers and complete that weekly challenge, made me sad really sad because true many have been trying to hunt 1000x in plinko for more than a month now but they still cant hit it and with that they already lost tons of coins. But ahm well what im...
  19. CharorowtzXD


    x49-x53 on DICE 69ovvjhor0id x70-x80 on DICE 22cv2p2scvmp x210-x322 on DICE x7aw6old32yf x220 on CRASH vqy3d0qch7p2 x270 on CRASH adf2htor1y4d x333 on CRASH sww3xljhfg0c
  20. CharorowtzXD


    Its sptmber now. N jst few more days its going to be october already so ur answer is irrelevant anymore 😏🀣πŸ€ͺ