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    Big win from small dust

    Hi Guys, Here i want to know how much u made from small balance. I don't want to know story of bigger multiplier player who like to hit 1000x or more. (there they just want to try thier luck untill they hit that fat multiplier) I made around 10,000 doges from 16 doge. (where i use 2x, 1.5x and...
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    A Typical Gambler Traits When Losing the Game

    Gambling is really so much risky and u could loose all your funds. But if we don't expect bigger amount of profit in smaller time frame, we can make small profit every day. so gambling is not bad also. we can earn profit if we can control our greed.
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    New Games

    Hey WinDicer's Can we expect more games in coming future on windice or we happy with only 2 games of dice and crash.