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    DOGE could reach 1 USD ?

    i don't think so highest of this coin is just 100+sats if im not mistake so i think its a long and winding road before it;s happen :)
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    thank you rockstar ''lets rock en roll here''
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    Video about WinDice

    ow nice video im your fan now when comes to dicing huh..
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    our musical tastes

    i like ROCK BALLAD. i love OZZY OSBOURNE
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    Which of the Altcoins worth investing?

    as we can see in the market my best altcoins so far is BCH with its low fees,,, and i think this coins well make its own history in crypto world.
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    It's time to go

    why i just coming in then your go out just kidding sir :) enjoy your life and good luck :)
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    well well well lot of people in cryto world forecasting btc to reach 20k others are 50k in the near coming years, with the nature of btc reaching 10k is really possible in this coming weeks or month.
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    hi windicers i am newbie here and in dicing i need your help by sharing simple strategy, thank you and good luck to each and everyone of you here :)