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  1. pedrojmelo

    Beggars and ignored players

    Hello people, I have been playing in several casinos over the past 4 years and some things are repeated in all of them, it couldn't be different here. Although here there are not many rains in the chat like in other casinos, there are players who bet in several casinos and several have the...
  2. pedrojmelo

    Issue with inscrease win

    Hi people i'm here again but this time to get some information about increase win! I'm playing dices on 5 cassinos e this is never happen before, let me explain, i set increase win the maximum of windice 100000% with 5000 dogecoin of bank, i was betting with 1.724 doge amount and after first...
  3. pedrojmelo

    Novato chegando

    Bom dia pessoal, alguns já me conhecem de outros cassinos e cá estou tmb, depois de vários convites resolvi vim pra cá tentar ganhar umas moedinhas, desde já boa sorte aos brs, tamo junto, qualquer coisa é so falar!