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  1. Kaleemmalik071

    Solana NFT Marketplace Development

    NFT Marketplace on Solana The increasing number of NFT adoption in this digital world boosts traffic on NFT Marketplaces, causing network congestion and more transaction fees. In order to alleviate these shortcomings, new blockchain networks are being created. Solana is one such blockchain...
  2. Kaleemmalik071

    How do you recover from a loss

    One of the hardest thing I have come to realize is on the windice casino , is to recover from a loss, how do you ? You lose almost even your mind and it becomes very difficult to even get everything right, there has been a lot of tough intuitions to understand what is right. I have lost whole...
  3. Kaleemmalik071

    Some quick Features need to be add

    hy guys i am Kaleemmalik071 same nick on all sites . i like to share my thoughts about sites to make it more better .. here windice got quick traffic . but yes they need to add some importants feaatures on site page .. here is the list : 1 - Current session stats 2- more fast autobet speed...