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  1. nuuuitsjdragon

    Failure to meet requirements for most-recent Christmas Promotion?

    Seeing how there wasn’t a list of winners to refer to... I’m seeing most participants getting paid apart from a few others and myself. Another player in the same shoes as me managed to contact the moderator and was told his post did not meet the requirements. I’m assuming it’s the same reason...
  2. nuuuitsjdragon

    Such a waste of a good hit.

    Silly me thought that the weekly challenge was still active, and after claiming some faucets - I managed to successfully hit the elusive 1,000x. In all my excitement, I took a screenshot of the bet and visited the forums... only to find that the topic has been locked. What a downer...
  3. nuuuitsjdragon

    Anyone knows how "points" under the Avatar's picture is determined?

    I'm not sure if this is a new feature, but I haven't seen it before (or just didn't notice) since I started coming to the forums. I think this should be calculated based on how effective/good your forum contributions have been. Can anyone confirm this? ;)