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  1. jamyr1

    Enjoyed a Windice Event this 2020?

    Why not tell us about it in a way of voting for it as Best Event in the 🏆 Bitcointalk Community Awards by icopress Or, do you find a Windicer to be worthy of your nomination for a title? Your vote counts, like your very existence in the community!
  2. jamyr1

    $1 = 1exp = xx number of wincoins?

    Hi. So earlier after I busted my mini xrp, I was level 3 with 74xp. It was 1 xp away from being level 4 then I went to do something then I came back to see I am level 4 already with 77xp. My question is, how did I level up when I am only playing with wincoins? Thanks. edit: been...
  3. jamyr1

    How to make ur bets autorun faster.

    but since I have my settings to go 100% on win, with the faster bets,the basebet may sometimes not reset.
  4. jamyr1

    The old visual error is back.

    The old error where the amount you won shown in green isn't the amount you really won.
  5. jamyr1

    100 Million Bets

    Suggesting an event to celebrate this incredible achievement of Windice. Closest valid bet on the 100millionth roll, sounds old. <<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>> My personal event would be me depositing finally, and making my first payout. (HOPEFULLY)
  6. jamyr1

    Error in Parameters

    was messing with different multipliers then this happened.
  7. jamyr1

    What you look like playing with Windice?

    *After long hours of game: *When I suddenly busted *When I get to win Challenges, Chatgames and stuff
  8. jamyr1

    When you are very close to your target. . . .

    Was on site when @maxpuppy was doing crazy bets and was actually up to like 0.9 in a short period of time. However, as most of us may have experienced when we try to hit our initial goal, target profit, he failed to reach a win of 1 whole coin. But damn it was very close. . . . Above were...
  9. jamyr1

    chance and multiplier not tallying

    here is a gyazo gif : Payout 100.4430x chance was way off.