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  1. Paecga129

    CryptoGamblersPub live stream#9 on 25th May done

    Awesome !!! So excited for this. Will def be here. Paecga129 is my username !!
  2. Paecga129

    Ideas and Suggestions for Giveaways

    Kaleem I agree with your post totally !!
  3. Paecga129

    Need Add More coins

    I would love to see more coins added also!!!
  4. Paecga129

    Your real photo

    Thank you so much KinKin!! You are so sweeeet!!
  5. Paecga129

    New Telegram channel WINDICE

    Awesome !!! I joined as well. Looking forward to the updates from WinDice on Telegram!
  6. Paecga129

    New Daily chat trivias

    Very challenging, great trivia !!
  7. Paecga129

    This Site is very good i use many others but i like and love it

    I agree with you!! The site is awesome !!
  8. Paecga129

    Your real photo

    This is me !
  9. Paecga129

    Windice:Customized bet range brings twist to a boring dice game.

    I agree completely ! This is my favorite feature of the site so far.
  10. Paecga129

    Tell your best story

    A fabulous friend of mine referred me to WinDice. Thanks Veleten!!!
  11. Paecga129

    Will you recommend Windice to your friend?

    I most definitely will be referring others ! I am loving this site !