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  1. Blovell1983

    Anonnep trivia :) ?

    it is fun. the crazy trivia can sometimes be a little tooooo crazy but i do enjoy the riddle questions. you are doing fine mate.
  2. Blovell1983

    Bitcoin Pizza Day

    omg. i would never be able to look at another pizza ever again. poverty pizza.....
  3. Blovell1983

    What is your succesfull on casino crypto from 2020?

    plinko for me. love the 'plink' sounds and a bit of visual stimulation never hurts.
  4. Blovell1983

    When did you start in crypto and why

    2 years ago. Just like instantly tradable assets with the potential to make some coin aswell as have fun trading. plus blockchain concept is cool.
  5. Blovell1983

    Elon musk or Vitalik buterin

    Elon musk for sure. He is one trippy dude. Plus the cars and rockets could be fun also.
  6. Blovell1983

    I have reached my 21st level.

    grats. i 2 look forward to the sweet silver.