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    crazy weekly challenges

    hi, i have +2 months without play on windice since the challenges got crazy and i know about at least 5 friends that did the same, sometimes i come back to check if the challenges back to "normal" but every week i saw less users, if windice are giving the same prize (0.01 btc) its not better...
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    Closed [0.02BTC ranked] Weekly Challenge: Walk around things day. 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️

    another ranked? and from 50 to 200 sats with same prize pool? dont like this... i have 3 weeks without play here, see u next week
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    Closed [0.02BTC] International Women's Day

    #qz0l0r1izl8o #w7dvejivfbyz
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    Closed [0.02BTC]Weekly Challenge:Leap Years

    #exmjk1dnjr7t #iolqby42jaip
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    Closed [0.02BTC] Weekly Challenge: Cat Day

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    Closed [0.02BTC] Weekly Challenge: SINGLES AWARENESS DAY

    #f88evka7j0xn OMG 42576 bets to hit this number... x(
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    Tips for paying out your favorite coin from windice

    I don't understand what you mean, if you need the same amount to withdraw than use the exchange, it would be very difficult to get it from the faucet
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    Closed [0.02BTC ] Happy Valentine Day!

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    Closed [0.02 BTC] Lunar New Year

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    Closed [0.02 BTC] Good or Evil

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    Closed [0.02 BTC] Weekly Challenge: National Spaghetti Day!

    22x Plinko - #z5ongttlby0g 44.99x Crash - #yks8bbxr1csq 100x Dice - #gj9yt3qtifys
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    Closed Only 9 days left before the New Year!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :) @CHAYO501 @Microminig @Caligula6 @Dayanara @Furlicious @MaxNeydring @SUPREMOCOC @PrimeOwl