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    Closed [0.01 BTC] Weekly challenge: Invader!

    #pz96ni9fj1tt = 9085 #pl5rs70todx0 = 9085 #ggq7r0ty3a78 = 9085
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    who else loves the new game? Crash anyone?!

    I have seen a 100x so far and I haven't seen a lot more around there either. I haven't been on the site for a long time, so hopefully I can hit some large multipliers on there! :D
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    This sounds like a good idea. At the moment though, faucet is a low paying game mode because the site wouldn't be able to give out such large amounts. If more people play on the site, then maybe faucets will increase in value :)
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    Dice Game vs. Crash Game!!

    I like both of the games. At first, dice was a bit confusing and crash was easier to understand, but I am used to both of them now. :)
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    What do you love about WINDICE?

    Win dice is the only site that I have seen like this, where you can chose where you want your tickets. I love this feauture, so might play here more often! :D
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    Introduce in windice

    I'm also new here. I am going to play on the site to get used to it, before deciding what I will do here. It looks nice here though :)