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    I have a broken heart.

    I feel like a a teenager that has lost his first love. I do hope that admin and the powers that be read the following very closely. What first attracted me to windice was the interface. I was new to crypto gaming at that point. I did not have any problems depositing to enjoy the game and...
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    I ended up with more food than bourbon for once, but had a wonderful weekend with the family. Thanks for the thoughts.
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    New Ripple (XRP) Closes Prior Hour Up 0.3%; 2 Day Up Streak Broken, in a Downtrend Over Past 90 Days

    I guess the real question here is, do you actually see xrp gaining ground? It has basically been one of 2 things since December of 2017 either flat or dropping. Has not really made any real gain to speak of. Please correct me if i am wrong. Doge may have been created as a joke, but xrp appears...
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    Addiction and gambling. What makes you a loser?

    You might want to watch out photoing the machines in that manner there big boy. In most all casinos if done without permission, it voids the win (including at san Manuel casino). As for your bragging. Heads up, it is rude and no one really cares. Infact i am sure most will call bullshit on you...
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    Call a duck a duck not a goat.

    Yes it is just a lottery. Lotteries can be very fun, so i am not complaining. I only was pointing out the name is slightly misleading.
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    Call a duck a duck not a goat.

    As someone that enjoys a good roulette game from time to time, i was excited to see it in the list of games. As soon as i opened the page, i had a good chuckle. I am sorry to say this, windice missed the boat on naming this game. It should be called "lucky lotto" not roulette (as that is what...
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    Closed Team VS Team Rollhunt contest

    Count me in. Ray
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    I am still really wondering why a glass of bourbon is not on this list???
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    Dont forget to not fall for hype. I once read, due to hype 72% of all traders buy high and sell low. If you believe everything you read on Facebook and Twitter, save you money and go buy some ice cream :)