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    Share your PET PLAYING WINDICE xd!

    this is one of my Spoiled monster. Her name is Pretty. As you can see she is definitely way too serious with something. she is waiting for the 1k multiplier at PLINKO. XD hahahahaha
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    Losing sometimes is a luck

    everytime i say to my bana lets buy a lotto ticket he will then say this phrase "sorry but i had used all my luck of having you" oh ha means its totally hard to find that dam luck. XD
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    Name your favorite Slot game !

    its like a bank. you need to give them your coins and then when they get full you just need to go back and get what u deposited to their slot. XD just dont get greedy even ur half lose . learn to run hahahahahaha its from the slot player advice. from ME ME ME ME hahahahhaa
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    Name your favorite Slot game !

    Too many to mention though. I will just name the provider. its a secret really... i dont wanna spill it out cause you might try it and steal my luck from them.. promise you wont tell anyone. it should be between u and me. i like pragmatic slot provider. they pay good whenever they love it. but...
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    August Ripple Month

    They said it will be a big hit once the lawsuit will be over.
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    Losing sometimes is a luck

    Talking bout luck... Luck left me when I bust my coins trying to recover a non depo coins. Sometimes freecoins is like a trap. Like i got free 5usd got it run up to 20usd. but then luck left me without saying so... then my great mind said "you got that 5usd run to 20usd if you depo now I am sure...
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    ano mas gusto DICE,Crash or Plinko

    sa crash nalang ako di ako papaasahin agad mag crash pag crash talga. XD
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    Sana akin ka nalang ganda ganda o mala anghel sana sana sana. hihihihi
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    Tayo ay magbilang!

    47 naman ang aking mahiwagang numero XD
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    Let's travel!

    i wanna be at Bohol. XD
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    [Calendar] 2022 windice! 📅

    wow so early for the year 2022 lol Tomki is excited for nextyear
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    BCH ison fire today!

    lucky to those who did invest on it when it was still at low price.
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    How To Win At Gambling???

    that number 5 in there.. lol a friend will always say it is not "Christmas everyday"
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    A small experiment ♡♡♡

    I am old member here way back year 2019 XD but not playing much on dice. Goodluck. :)