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    Will there any possibility of Ripple to dethrone Ethereum again?

    You are all wrong... First of all remember why you are all here, are you Crypto people or what ? XRP is NOT crypto, it's simply a digital asset of the central banks.... There will be bouncing in the price, pumps and dumps like usual market. XRP will be profitable for the knowledgable traders who...
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    Best & trusted exchange :)

    Bittrex and Binance of course.... BitMex is not for newbies, playing with leverage can make you rich but also poor...Once you enter the magic cyrcel of losses there, there is no way back. You just continue to dig down hoping for a light. Don't be naive and greedy, trade safe... BitMex will also...
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    Trx pos

    I would recommend you guys to stay away from TRX, but of course you have your own will and opinion.... Just don't say later you waren't warned =D
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    Which of the Altcoins worth investing?

    What ever you choose, make sure you hold at least 70% of your porfolio in BTC, more than 90% of the Alts will never reach again the previous ATH...
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    what's in you porfolio.

    BTC,ADA, RVN, XLM,NEO, STRAT,ION, DASH, ETH, ZCL, IOTA, ZIL...The rests are unsignificant, so no need to mention them at all
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    Video about WinDice

    Very good strategy, I have to try it, thanks for sharing