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    New How to Chat Constructively: STOP asking 'How Are You?'

    In all honesty, this article was better than I had expected... I actually had fun reading through it, lol. More than being constructive, having the above skills will allow for an easier time communicating with everyone around you. I admire people with good 'people' skills who seem to be able...
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    Closed [0.02BTC ranked] Weekly Challenge: Walk around things day. 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️

    Woah... constructive posts are part of the requirements as well, take note everyone! :) I'm hoping all WinDicers will read carefully through the entire post so there won't be someone who catches an awesome bet, but is eventually disaqualified! :eek:
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    Failure to meet requirements for most-recent Christmas Promotion?

    Seeing how there wasn’t a list of winners to refer to... I’m seeing most participants getting paid apart from a few others and myself. Another player in the same shoes as me managed to contact the moderator and was told his post did not meet the requirements. I’m assuming it’s the same reason...
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    Hello Everyone!!!!!

    I came in, expecting a video but there isn't any. :cry: You baited me!!! Hah.
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    New Telegram channel WINDICE

    What's VK Facebook? I've seen many players use it but never got around to understanding what it actually was. A social media website that's very similar to Facebook?
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    Alt coins that is most used in betting and why?

    My personal favourites are, as I've mentioned before: XRP - Ripple XTZ - Tezos CLAM - Clams (a weird one that I absolutely love for no reason, lol) TRX - Tronix (still trying to get used to the betting ranges) I wish there were more alt-currencies available here, perhaps in time to come. :cool:
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    BTC will rise to 10m$???

    Judging from the current market cap, very unlikely. Anything can happen, provided the entire market cap. of Cryptocurrencies have increased way beyond the current value. For it to reach such levels and not be influenced by factors like inflation, bubble, FOMO... it will take a very, very long...
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    Such a waste of a good hit.

    Silly me thought that the weekly challenge was still active, and after claiming some faucets - I managed to successfully hit the elusive 1,000x. In all my excitement, I took a screenshot of the bet and visited the forums... only to find that the topic has been locked. What a downer...
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    Anyone knows how "points" under the Avatar's picture is determined?

    Did you mean to say the opposite? Unless it was really your intention to say that you became a member of the WinDice forums, even before you started to play at WinDice itself? :eek:
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    Your real photo

    Kudos to anyone who posts their real photo in this thread... that's courageous! (y) For fear of judgement, I definitely would never dare to do anything remotely close to that... :cry:
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    Anyone knows how "points" under the Avatar's picture is determined?

    Thank you very much, that helped me out a great deal in knowing a little bit more about the Forums! I had no idea that these goals existed, much less about getting trophies after completing them. Food for thought, perhaps it should be renamed as trophy points to make it less confusing? On the...
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    Anyone knows how "points" under the Avatar's picture is determined?

    I'm not sure if this is a new feature, but I haven't seen it before (or just didn't notice) since I started coming to the forums. I think this should be calculated based on how effective/good your forum contributions have been. Can anyone confirm this? ;)
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    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Hello Tomki, thank you for the well-wishes. I am slightly late, but I hope you have had a good Christmas! :)
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    Closed Only 9 days left before the New Year!

    @elyxdelrey Hope this never happens to you in the coming new year, more 1kx!!!!! :)
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    Closed [0.02 BTC Ranked] Weekly Challenge: Singapore Flyer Ride!

    Ticket: #bh69qf9s69vh Streak: #an31j2zexqcx #ic8v5v29dnni #d0602mn32fvb #1lhheu9xvdfi #q8ko2pyqnb9s #pojpteiuog36 #w1ywnbwd2vut #8ldmmzcw45jt #kmlo7uhtbcqn