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    Closed Team vs Team Contest #37

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    Closed Team vs Team Contest #34

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    Closed Team vs Team contest #33

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    New WinDice - Sistema VIP

    boa boa
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    dividindo estrategias

    1% de chane 1% de acrécimo a cada perda
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    Novato chegando

    boa sorte (=
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    Closed Team vs Team Contest #32

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    Suggestion (All in)

    I was seeing in some different DICE, that when you press the max bet [MAX] button, the system asks if you really want to play everything. So that an accident does not happen to someone involuntarily squeeze and lose all their balance. Exemple:
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    I Dont Play Dice, But Thank You

    I say the same thing. It's the only DICE that really makes a difference.
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    Guys let us purely will discuss Pro forum what is your opinion you likes this forum or you have what the proposal

    Some language support would be interesting. But not necessary, Between everything, everything is perfect (=
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    Coin suggestion

    XRP or DGB would be great
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    Closed 0.03 BTC Giveaway Winners !!!

    thanks :love::love::love: congrats to all