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    New How to Chat Constructively: STOP asking 'How Are You?'

    i think its ok to say hi and hello as showing of good manners but if you do it every minute then you are just spamming the chat to get rains and some stuff lol.
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    WINCOIN DAILY CONTEST (new contest)

    i only get back again after seeing new features implement here. one of that is the win contest. Good contest
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    NBA 2019

    The GSW wins the series againts clippers. We will have a good match up in the second round where rockets are determined to wins the series againts the defending champ!
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    Philippines 🇵🇭 Chat room!

    Pag dumami siguro pinoy na naglalaro sa windice pede na tayo magka chat. Siguro lang naman
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    Thanks for the giveaway
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    First to post here in Forum - PH

    Magkaroon sana tayo ng PH chat. Nakakaubos ng english din minsan hehe!
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    Does Bounty and Airdrop worth it now!.

    It's hard to earn from airdrop now because there are a lot of people that only want to scam. I think in the past airdrop and bounty is good but now it hard to find a decent project that will pay.
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    Closed Weekly challenge with 0.005 BTC prize

    This is my entry for this giveaway
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    NBA 2019

    Who do you think will get the trophy this year? A lot of teams is having a monster performance in the playoffs but i do hope GSW vs Raptors in the nba finals but who knows bucks and sixers are playing well too.
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    How did you discover WINDICE?

    I saw windice on bitcointalk then i just register to try here and i could say that site is wonderful and the interface is good. There are rooms for improvement.