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    Closed [Vote] Miss Windice!

    wcmawi , hanvee
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    Ways on How To Make a Payout!!

    wow that a one complete recipe you got there huh . all that you posted are true and can be found all here on the forum and thier social media accounts/channels . its tought to follow some of them but i think the easiest way for me to earn a crypto is by doing the weekly challenge only and...
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    Alt coins that is most used in betting and why?

    the most use on betting would be ripple and doge but for me my most use coin was btc only . idk why but i always prefer btc among the other coin even if the site accepts several altcoins . maybe because im more familiar with the value of btc . i dont need to use crypto calculators when...
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    Big win from small dust

    not bad op . 10k doge is already a huge some of money . in my case if i still remember i think i made 0.5xrp up to 30 xrp . yes that may seem small to you but what can i do ? im only a small time gambler and the good part of that is that i only recieve that small amount of xrp from...
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    Bitcoin Could Decline Further, Altcoins Won't Go Down Quietly

    the thread starter was correct because the price of bitcoin did fall again . from 9k last time now down again on 7k urghh it sucks when this happens but complaining wont help up the price. i guesd im going to be thankful after all that btc did not go down harder as what people expect. altcoin...
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    oi oi oi kamosta kabayan ?

    yeah its first time here today mga kabayan . kamosta kayo dito ? pwede ba pa guide ako or share your tips and tricks about this site . kinakapa ko palang ito . sana mag enjoy ako dito hehe . sige mag libut libut na muna ako ,
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    ey yow wats up itcha boi dice . happy stalking

    ey yow wats up itcha boi dice . happy stalking
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    im new here .

    yes like the title said . im new here but i didnt know where to post this thread . please relocate this mods if this board is wrong but anyway im new here and im still exploring the forum and its casino . i just hope that i can enjoy my stay here .