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    BTC will rise to 10m$???

    Yes indeed uptrend was very awesome currently and a little surprise for me because i thought it took more than a day to reach $10k but apparently less than a day the price even reached more than it however beware of FOMO because we never know these rally stopped at what range of price
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    #lz59usimqu2y 702 ( 7+0+2 ) = 9 Lucky #c3os0qun3ddx 6483 ( 6+4+8+3 ) = 21 Blackjack
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    BTC will rise to 10m$???

    $10m was too much but $100k is not impossible however lets more focus to see bitcoin surpass $10k in this month and after that lets see what's going to happend for bitcoin price but i wish no more big dumped
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    RED TEAM [Week 1]

    Go go go go red Count me in
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    Ideas and Suggestions for Giveaways

    Weekly wagering contest would be good
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    New Telegram channel WINDICE

    Already joining since several days ago and so far 78 members joining the channel let's increase again the members guys
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    DOGE could reach 1 USD ?

    Doge is old altcoin and can reach the highest price several year ago if i'm not mistaken the price at that time 100 satoshi above but if we talking about possibility the chance will always be there but indeed it's quite hard to do so