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    A small experiment ♡♡♡

    I don't know how many years I am here at win dice, but I actually earn here and withdraw but not that much 😂 Now I made a right decision to back here even though I have work.
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    Make a weekly win contest.

    Maybe in the future your idea will be granted. :D
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    hows everyone doing

    Hello. How can we help you?
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    Hi good luck all mods

    goodluck too :)
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    If you want to win then you have to have a goal

    Sometimes I do this, 20% of My bank roll is enough profit for me for a day. Then, the next 20% again :) Its so hard to win with just one click. Need to control your game and make a goal to gain profit.
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    How does Martingale Strategy Works at Windice

    I am not a fan of martingale, but mmmm, maybe I should try this strat sometimes.
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    Closed Let's Strike!

    #m1jm2k67y7qd #ggd4yey46y4l #ie6h2z6e8fbe
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    You think there is a safe strategy or best strategy to win in this of kind site? Or just its only our luck? What do ou think?
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    How windice change your life? :)

    When you join Windice, what is the effect of it into your life? Has something changed?
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    Number 3626 #4axcpctg9lnd #9cx4er2k8v3c #bonx2jueqjn4 Finally got mine :) This is interesting challenge!
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    Closed [0.01 BTC] Weekly challenge: Multi stair!

    #d41eui471upx 2x #kgcd81cwlafo 3x #ca439vwddua7 4x #x1ge0heovuib 5x #xi08et44ixcr 6x after a long run hahha
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    #y6boodqx9881 6942 #s1vbhv2i09ip 1170